Asteria EP

Who? Asteria. Do pay attention. An ambitious five-piece from Crown Point, Indiana. They’ve toured with Rookie Of The Year and Forever The Sickest Kids. “Hide your daughters…” reads the press pack “…Asteria will be rolling into a city near you …with no regard for public safety.” Brave words. Does it deliver?

Any good? Yep. “Top 30 album on” says the press pack. These guys are not Punk, they’re not nearly radical enough. They do rock like there’s no tomorrow, though. Opener “I’ll Get You My Pretty (And Your Little Dog Too)” tips the lyrical hat to the Wizard of Oz screenplay, and there’s nothing wrong with that. “Finding Love In A bottle Of…” shows an early Cars influence, and “Paper Scissor Stone” shows a sophisticated musicianship that will have you hitting the repeat button. And then “I’d Swear You Were Steam” screams that they’ve been listening to The Coral. How much better can it get. This is the standout track. A huge pity my review copy wouldn’t play in the car, I’d have opened the window and ramped up the volume.