The Bernd Brothers – Permanent Solution

Great musicianship, on guitars and bass make for a cozy album of Rock, Jazz and Fusion. With a lot of blending in genres, the Bernd Brothers show their licks in a variety of styles. Funk-A-Tash, for example is generally fusion, but has guitar licks toward the end that are very reminiscent of Rush’s Alex Lifeson.

Some songs, however, are less blended and, I think, better interpreted, like the very beautiful Skyline Drive.

As musicians go, the Bernd brothers certainly excell on bass and guitar, but I think they need to refine their sound a little and do a lot less genre mixing. Sometimes it works, as in White Sands, but there’s a bit too much of it. Still, I would not keep anyone from acquiring this CD and I’d watch out for them as they are more than capable musicians.