Bjørn Lynne – The Gods Awaken

Music is an art Bjørn Lynne and Mike Oldfield, two names that belong in the same sentence. Not that Lynne sounds like Oldfield. It’s just that he has the same talent for taking you on a long voyage.

Based on the novel by the same name of author Allan Cole, Lynne chose for this album to follow the storyline closely. Each song refers to a chapter in the novel. There are no lyrics on this album, but you wouldn’t want any. The instruments tell the story more clearly than any lyrics could ever do. However… on The Ringmaster, the closing piece on the album, Allan Cole does make an appearance as narrator, thus bringing the overall tone down in order to release you delicately from a voyage which could just go on and on.

A guitarist and keyboardist, essentially, Lynne nevertheless chose not to limit the storyline to a solo guitar. The album is wonderfully packed with all sorts of wonderful sounds from a variety of guest musicians. The flute, in particular, is a very nice touch! Even though he is a wonderfully talented guitarist, he still calls upon others to add guitar sounds which will complement a musical piece in a different way than his own.

For this, his seventh album, Lynne has found a sound which can only come from maturity. I wish him a lucrative soundtrack deal as he deserves to have his music propelled the way The Exorcist did with Mike Oldfield’s.

Meanwhile, we have one consolation: since 1996, Bjørn Lynne has released one album per year, except in 99 where he released two.

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