Blackmore’s Night: Beyond the Sunset – The Romantic Collection

If you’ve never heard of Blackmore’s Night, then you are in for a treat. Blackmore’s Night stands for Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow) and his wife Candice Night. A brilliant combination.

But don’t expect to find a pounding distorted guitar here; Blackmore plays only the acoustic guitar. I’ve always said that the mark of a great guitarist is being able to play the acoustic awesomly; forget playing scales at 100 miles per hour; Blackmore plays his instrument with his heart and Night’s beautiful voice carries incredible melodies.

Although not an album of original material, this CD contains love songs from the firs four Blackmore’s Night CDs. Mostly Celtic, but also classical, if you’ve never heard this band, this album is a great introduction to their music.

If you think you’ve heard Ritchie Blackmore play the guitar, get ready for a surprise, for something that will blow you away.

A great combination of artists for a result that is impeccable!