Blue Oyster Cult – A Long Day’s Night

A 2002 helping of Blue Oyster Cult: Oh yeah!

Here are two hours worth of Blue Oyster Cult at their very best performing some of their best material: Burning for You, E.T.I., Perfect Water, Godzilla, Don’t Fear the Reaper (of course) and many more.

The Cult have lost nothing of what made them famous. Eric Bloom is as ever, true to himself and Buck Dharma is still one of the best guitarists around.

These guys are obviously enjoying the show and why not? They put on quite the performance. Buck in particular seems to be master of everything happening around him. Playing his swiss-cheese Steinberger as if he’d been born with it.

It’s also quite interesting to see Buck, Bloom and Allen Lanier all playing guitar while Danny Miranda, on bass is just enjoying himself no end and Bobby Rondinelli is pounding on his drums. I’m sure the Chicago crowd must have had an incredible evening.

The selection of songs is also quite amazing as it goes through all eras of the band, from better-known tracks to lesser-known ones. Everything is just great.

The image is impeccable and the sound is DTS. The DVD also includes bonus band interviews, fan interviews and behind the scenes footage.

If you like the Cult; this one’s for you. If all you know is The Reaper, then go out and get this and discover all the incredible material this band has produced over the years.