Bob Ernst – Hands-On

A nice effort for guitarist Bob Ernst. Considering that this is a do-it-yourself album (Ernst writes, produces, arranges, plays guitars, bass and does the drum programming). If you’ve been reading my reviews before, you’ll know that I’m not crazy about do-it-yourself albums, mainly as I believe you need to get someone else’s input into what you’re doing, but Bob managed pretty well under the circumstances.

His guitar playing abilities are highlighted in just the right way: it is not overdone, not just a flashy “look at me” kind of deal. Bob is a good guitarist. A very good guitarist, but one who emphasizes emotions rather than speed and technique.

The songs, you ask? Very good. Sort of a mix of rock, jazz and blues. I liked it and found it was too bad that there are only four songs on this album. Encourage Bob, I have a feeling he will be going far. Buy his album and let’s get him to do more, longer ones.