George L. Cable Checker

This is a great little accessory. You plug everything in and it doesn’t work. After making sure the amp is OK and that all your pedals are plugged in and working, you still don’t have any sound, or you have a bad sound. Obviously you have a problem with a cable somewhere. Which one?

With over a dozen to check, it can be rather annoying and time consuming. And what exactly is wrong with it?

With the cable checker, all you need to do is touch both ends of the cable to each contact surface on top and you know what’s wrong. If the cable is OK, the light turns on. To test the shields, touch the barrels to the contacts. To check for a short, touch one tip and one barrel. If the light turns on, you have a short.

It runs on a 9 Volt battery (included!) and fits into your pocket. Conveniently, the instructions are right on it.

A very handy tool! Price: $24.95 You can check it out here.