Disguise the Limit – Redemption

As Jon Pomplin of Project 814 was on this album, I figured it should be quite interesting. Well, that was quite an understatement!

Redemption is one of the best things I’ve put in my CD player in a long time. There’s not a weak song anywhere to be found here. Everything is done superbly, from the writing, to the performing, to the production. Redemption is one of those albums that have you begging for more.

I don’t want to categorize the band’s sound because there’s too much to it to just “fit it in” somewhere. It should please just about everyone and it probably scares the major labels to know that there is something so good out there that they don’t have their hand on.

What’s my favorite song on it? I couldn’t begin to tell you, as every one is superb! Luckily, as I’m an informed person, I know for a fact that members of this band will be giving us more in the not-distant future. Meanwhile, I beg you, buy this album, you’ll be listening to it for years to come! And don’t you just love the name of the band?