Easy Roll Guitar Method by George Pittaway

You should know two things about me:

  1. I’m a sucker for a great bargain.
  2. I don’t play flashy, fast stuff.

Well, you can pretty much scratch number two off the list.

I was scrolling through the forum pages on guitarnoise, when I came across a post from Al (“allman1979”), asking about George Pittaway’s “Easy Roll Guitar Method.” I was told the trailers on the website were humorous, and lo and behold, they were. And $15? Really? For a DVD by the guitarist from 4 out of 5 doctors, the nationally touring and signed to a label George Pittaway? Puh-lease…see number one above. I plunked down my cash and anxiously awaited the arrival of the DVD.

So what is this Easy Roll method? Well, it’s based on hybrid picking with what George calls “engines”. These three, count ’em three, simple patterns will allow you to play with speed all over the neck. You can use a flatpick and fingers, thumbpick and fingers or just fingers. George is right! It is easy to get the rolls going. Heck, some of the patterns play with only one finger of your left hand. In fact, the first pattern George shows uses only one finger, and only one fret. As George says on his website, if you can drum your fingers on the table, you can do this. There is a lot more content than just that on the DVD though, it will take a while for you to get through it all. It’s an incredible value.

You can learn a lot of stuff from the internet or reading a guitar book, but you miss out on the little snippets of expertise you’d get from sitting around with an experienced player or teacher. George manages to get this information through to you in this DVD.

When you get your DVD, don’t be intimidated by the beginning section. It’s a showcase of what you can do. It takes several minutes before you get into the actual instruction section. George teaches in an easy to understand, light and humorous way that makes watching the DVD enjoyable as you learn.

If there is any drawback to Easy Roll it is this, there is so much information packed into the DVD that you will spend a tremendous amount of time rewinding to go over what you just saw. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

George also includes more video, FAQ and additional information on his website. You can take a look at the word by word content, (and more) of the DVD in George’s DVD Companion freely available on his website under the “Get DVD” tab.

This DVD is an incredible bargain at $15. Go take and look at the videos on his site and buy it. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in hybrid picking and opening up their soloing. This DVD is for the advanced beginner and beyond.

Website: www.ezrollguitar.com