Ebin – Just As I Am

A fine blend of John Mellencamp and Eddie Veder, this album is mainstream, without being too caught up in the moment.

Barnett certainly has talent and a fabulous baritone voice. I think that the only thing missing is a bit of maturity, but then again, he is only 21. This maturity I speak of is what will make the difference between Ebin being someone you will have heard of at some moment in your life and the guy who’s music will be playing on the radio for the next 40 years. Ebin certainly has the talent and will certainly be going places, there’s no doubt about that. I just hopes it takes him a couple more years as it will be worth it.

As for this album. Certainly a worthy effort. Great songs throughout. Catchy. Nice sound. Something in it for everyone. A great way to introduce yourself to this rising star. Certainly worth the trouble of checking out.