Elixir Strings

I’m one of those guitarists who usually payed little attention (and little money) when it came time to picking strings for my electric. Generally speaking, I didn’t hear much of a difference from one brand to the other. That’s why I never felt the need to pay a lot for strings; the moment they lost their tone, I’d just replace them and that was that. I’m not particularly hard on strings, perhaps this is because I play with my fingernails rather than a pick. Usually I change them once a month, although I admit that was pushing it.

These strings however have quite a lot to offer and show a major difference in sound. The tone is awesome, quite ahead of anything I’ve heard before. It’s not just a small difference, the difference here is huge. Big sound. Tone, flavour, colour, you name it, they got it.

Apparently rust is a problem with some guitarists so the Elixir strings have an ultra thin nanoweb coating to protect them. This also adds to their durability. How long? No idea. After more than three weeks, these still sound brand new. But Mark Lafon of the Jay Johnson Band says that he used to change his strings every three days and that with Elixir, he now keeps them for two weeks. I tend to believe that the difference is that great.

It’s especially the fact that they keep their tone that really turns me on. As I said, after three weeks, they still sound and feel new. I can hear a bit of difference in the tone.

One thing’s for sure, they’ll totally change the sound of your guitar and there’s something about the coating that makes them ultra-comfortable on your fingers. Retail suggested price is $26.00, but of course you can get them for less. Even if you do spend a few extra dollars, you’ll thank yourself when you hear them and they’ll last so much longer than your normal strings that in the end you’ll be saving money.