Forgotten Suns: Fiction Edge 1

A story about mankind and the endless… evolution? This is the first part of Forgotten Suns’ story on evolution. This Portugese quintet have made a very fine album here. From strong instrumental pieces to complete, songs. The music will always keep you listening and wanting more.

What’s more, the story is well thought out. In the introduction piece Big Bang, a female voice, in French, explains what happens: “A point/From a point everything starts/All directions are taken/All ideas are born and evolve/Intention of a creator?/Of an invisible force?/It’s the law of things/Things that have a principle/A place/An origin…/A moment for totality”

The influences of the band members are all over the board, but the sound itself could not be interpreted as someone else’s. Sometimes keyboard-driven, at other times, powerful guitars lead the way. Linx’ vocals always manage to cut through with a crystal clearness, without burying the rest of the band. His Portugese accent, although easily discernable, adds a nice highlight to an overall interesting voice.

Nature opens up with a grand theme that sounds orchestral, ending in the thunder and rainstorm of Child. A very beautiful piano piece with the sound of falling rain and a light rumble of thunder in the background. Although very simple, it’s filled with subtleties. The crying baby which turns up also adds to this piece.

All in all, the album heads in several directions, like the pieces from the Big Bang. The introductory spoken words may be there to explain what happened at the moment of the Big Bang, but it also explains the musical direction of the music.

Part one of the story? Can’t wait for part two.