String Swing Guitar/Mandolin Hanger

This is a nice little thing to have at home or in the studio. The CC01 wall hanger is a sturdy, yet light and well-designed wall hanger for any guitar or mandolin.

The part that screws into the wall (screws and wall anchors included!!!) is made of solid wood while the hanger itself is metal, covered in some sort of rubber. This way it doesn’t harm your instrument in any way. What’s really nice is that the opening is adjustable with just a little tightening pressure (no tools needed), so that you can fit it to your own instrument. Also, it has two large rubber disks that go onto the ends of it to keep the instrument from falling off.

It’s solid, believe me, your instrument will not fall off this thing. And it looks nice even by itself.

Hanging a guitar or bass this way apparently reduces stress on the strings. It’s less stressful anyway than putting it in a case.

Another added bonus is that hanging your instrument on a wall with this just plain looks nice. I mean, what can look better in a room than a guitar? Here you can display it all you want and know that it’s safe.

It’s also convenient if you have several instruments and little space to put them. Only $13.50 and quite worth it.