Ice Age – Liberation

Here’s a band which is a little difficult to describe. Overall, they are a progressive band, yet their influences are all-over the board.

The first song, The Lhasa Road (No Surrender), seems like a cross between Saga and Triumph. The drums have that Neil Peart (Rush) sound, but, as it is so well said on the promo kit, “not like Neil Peart on 2112, but Neil Peart IN 2112”.

The rest of the album, essentially, goes through other inspirations such as Yes, Kansas and Metallica.

Definitely a step in a another direction for the band who’s previous album was more a cross between progressive and metal, this one is an evolution to a cleaner, better sound. Although the new direction isn’t entirely clear, it’s nevertheless a great album. There is always something interesting in it.

The Blood of Ages starts off as a metal song which suddenly drops into a very smooth, harmonic piece, before continuing in a cross between the two. This abrupt-type of change is also evident through much of the album. Strange, yet interesting.

Also, a few very good instrumental pieces: The March of the Red Dragon, Monolith, The Tong-Len and, most notable, The Musical Cages, which highlights each musician’s abilities.