John Scott Evans – Above the Sun

Who? John Scott Evans has an impressive CV. He’s been on the same bill as Chet Atkins, and worked with Corinne May and the Atlanta Chamber Orchestra, amongst a very long list. This is his third solo album.

Any good? JSE’s playing is sublime, and his recorded tone is excellent. This is an album of melodic fingerstyle work that you can put on and work to and isn’t going to have the neighbours complaining in the middle of the night. “Streams In The Desert” has moments of Irish folksong, “Alive”, the album’s opener, leaves you wanting more (and wondering why it isn’t ten minutes longer). No particular standout track, although “Sailing” makes you sit up and take notice and “Allen”˜s Town” is hugely enjoyable. It’s a good collection but you’re not going to hear it on mainstream radio; it’s tailor-made for the film industry so expect to see it mentioned in closing credits, not to mention on someone’s soundtrack CD sometime.

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Cash in your pocket? Click the “Buy Music” tab on John’s website and you’ll find links to iTunes and CDBaby. You can also use John’s website to order his tutorial book, “Guitar Basics Book 1.”