Kitko’s newest effort shows what one can do with only a guitar and a (pretty) voice. This may be a short album, with only six songs, but she’s sure to get a hold of you with her sometimes smooth, sometimes energetic folk-rock sounds.

The very first track, Row Your Boat, very energetic, is also very catching and certainly has the makings of a hit. The rest of the album, keeps you going all the way.

She has no reason to envy anyone else’s talents. I’d much rather listen to Kitko for a day than to most of what the radio plays. As far as comparing her to other female solo performers, she should be considered with the Alanis Morissettes and Arica Roses of this world.

A very nice effort, well-written, well-performed and well-produced. Remember her name as Kitko is one who will be going far.