Magellan – Impossible Figures

Trent Gardner’s Magellan are back with a new album. Impossible Figures is an album that marries different styles.

One will find heavy keyboards, in the genre associated with Jean-Michell Jarre or Tangerine Dream, yet the overall sound quickly reminds one of Yes, probably due to the guitars. Then again, the guitar goes very well with the keyboards, reminding one, at times, of Yes’ Relayer.

However, I would not rate this album up there with Relayer. Although an interesting album, I find the overall sound too much alike; to the point where it’s difficult to distinguish between one song and another after only a few listens.

Not that I would say that this is a bad album either. The musicians are very good, the lyrics superb. Perhaps this album is simply not one for me; I personally cannot recommend it.