Music Theory for Guitarists by Tom Serb

When I noticed Noteboat was answering almost every theory question on the forum, and those answers were complete, well thought out and detailed, I thought, “Wow, that guy should write a book.” Well it turns out he already had.

Music Theory for Guitarists is not your every day theory book. Almost every other theory book I’ve seen was more suited to a keyboard than a guitar. Not so in Tom’s book. He takes a fresh perspective of learning theory on the fretboard, without needing to read music. As a matter of fact the initial 50 pages of the book will teach you all you need to know about reading music so you can understand the rest of his book.

Almost every stanza of notation and scale in the book is accompanied by tab or chord charts. Scales and chord formation are covered extensively. There are also a number of cool things thrown in, like alternate scales. Every wanted to play the Pelog scale or Manaranjani? It’s in there. Want to know what Morendo or Rubato means on a piece of music? It’s in there.

Perhaps the front cover of the book describes it best,

“A step-by-step guide through the elements of music, with new ways to think about playing.”

If you are looking for a great book for basic theory, designed for guitarists, this is it.

Tom has arranged special pricing and free shipping for Guitar Noise readers. Check this link for more information and to order this book.