The Rosetta Stone of Guitar

Wow! Eureka! I understand!

It isn’t often that I get so excited about a guitar book/DVD. This review of The Rosetta Stone of Guitar by Fred Pool took me longer to write than any other review ever. It took me hours to craft just a few paragraphs. Why? I got so lost in practicing what I just read that I forget that I was reviewing it. Suddenly the fretboard was deciphered. It all made sense. It was like someone had given me, well, uhh, a Rosetta Stone of Guitar. Have you ever wondered why all those fretboard patterns are there? Have you wondered why the shapes you are supposed to memorize make sense? Have you ever wanted to just be able to land anywhere on the fretboard and play? Don’t you wish someone could translate the thing for you? How about a really easy set of patterns to use? Well look no further, The Rosetta Stone of Guitar is here. After reading this book and watching the DVD, the way the fretboard is laid out became so, so…obvious, almost simple. I see it. Why didn’t I think of this myself?

Now look, you aren’t just going to have a quiet read by the fireside and suddenly be a guitar virtuoso. You still are going to have to practice. And I’ll tell you the truth, I had to read some sections twice before I understood the simplicity. It was almost like my brain refused to see it because it was that simple. But stick with it, take your time, read the sections a couple of times and put your fingers on the fretboard to practice. You will be amazed at how much you’ve learned in such a short time.

I wish I had this book and DVD years ago. Yes there are other books out there with scale patterns, and yes you can use this book to solo up and down the neck almost immediately. Keep in mind though, The Rosetta Stone of Guitar isn’t about learning to solo, it’s about learning to see. Once you can see the fretboard you’ll never be lost again.

The DVD is very professionally put together, easy to navigate and full of information. You can print the book out directly from the DVD. I recommend you do this up front.

The Rosetta Stone of Guitar is on my must have list. All of my students are getting a copy.

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