SAS Band

This is what you get when ex members of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Duran Duran, Jethro Tull, and too many others to mention, get together and decide to have fun.

“The SAS Band is a musicians social club. A place where great singers and players come to display thier talent and have fun.” Well, they certainly appear to be having fun! Just the liner notes are enough to convince anyone of that. And we can profit from it. This is an album to put on to get in a good mood. A very eclectic mélange. No egos, just a fine bunch of musicians having a great time.

From You’re the Voice, originally covered by John Farnham, then by Alan Parsons, now sung by its author, to the Gin Blossom’s Hey Jealousy (I always loved that song), the SAS Band show that they can adapt to any situation and come up with a superior product.

There is also a very interesting version of the Beatles Baby You’re a Rich Man. Same song, but done very differently. It also involves one of Ian Anderson’s patented flute solos. Another high point is the last song, For You. Originally written by Bruce Springsteen, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band had done a very good heavier version in the early 80s (sung even back then by Chris Thompson). This version is much lighter, surprising even at first when you’re used to the other version. But this one certainly captures the essence of Springsteen’s great lyrics. The violin’s are a nice touch.

That’s the Way God Planned It, originally done by Billy Preston, circa 1969 copies the style of Preston’s original. Preston had lots of guests on it: John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker. So this version also has lots of guests on it. Gospel meets Stadium Rock. All proceeds form this song will be donated to the Rainbow Trust.

All in all, a great album to have a great time. Lots of fun and let’s hope the social club is still around for a long while.