A-J Charron – ‘Insanity’

AJ Charron

Those of you who’ve been around Guitar Noise for a long time will already be familiar with the name A-J Charron. Between 2000 and 2005, this Montréalais songwriter published nearly three hundred articles and reviews on Guitar Noise. He went on hiatus in 2005 to start his own music media website, and now he’s just completed an album of progressive rock based on Greek mythology called “Humoring Gods.”

The album was composed as a classical suite for orchestra and guitars. Rather than hire a full orchestra the majority of the instruments have been replaced with guitars and bass, plus a ton of effects. There’s a little bit of synth, midi and timpani as well – but the majority of the sounds are made by guitars. (In fact, A-J makes frequent use of a couple items he reviewed here on GN – the Jet Slide and a Babicz acoustic guitar).

A-J likes single word songs titles, and one of the more outstanding new songs is “Insanity.” The opening notes put you in the mood of early Genesis (Watcher of the Skies), before veering into guitar psychedelia à la Syd Barrett. It almost sounds as if Syd got his hands on David Gilmour’s slide. It’s a spacey and trippy sound, almost like very early Pink Floyd with some of their later finesse, especially later in the song when the Babicz acoustic guitar comes in. This is definitely a song you’ll want to listen to on headphones. “Insanity” is like a trip to the inner spaces of outer space.

“Humoring Gods” is slated for release in September 2012. In the meantime you can listen to “Insanity” and other tracks on A-J Charron’s Reverb Nation page.

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