The D’Angle

John Pearse deals in very convenient products. Pearse is a guitarist himself with a solid reputation and uses his experiences to help solve our little problems…

The D’Angle is a neat little guitar stand. It’s very small and can be easily carried into a gig bag. You place it on a shelf, atop of a counter, or on any stable surface and hang your guitar from it.

The D'Angle Hanging Guitar Stand

If you look at the photo, it looks unconvincing. When you hold it in your hands, it looks even less convincing. Notice the small surface of the stand that actually touches the shelf on the photo. It’s hard to imagine that that alone can hold your guitar. But it does. It’s the weight of the guitar that holds it into place. Simple physics basically.

I hung a Yamaha electric on it for over two months in a very passing area of the apartment. Lots of vibrations, etc. The guitar never moved at all.

Surprisingly solid and doesn’t harm the guitar. Because it works with the weight of the guitar, it will hold up a light classical as well as a heavy electric.

It’s a bit confusing to figure out how it works; how to place it. Luckily it comes with instructions that you don’t want to use for a while. Of course, you can always rely on the photo to figure it out.

Quite convenient, carry it with you anywhere and you always have some place solid from which to hang your guitar in two seonds.