The Fast Axe

All right, all you negligent guitarists out there (of which I am one), how do you clean your guitar? I always used an old piece of soft cloth but always found it ineffective.

Here’s the real tool for the job, the Fast Axe. It’s shaped like a Strat so that you don’t mix it up with other brushes around the house. It has three brushes on it, two soft ones and a longer, more rigid one.

I’ve tried it on two electrics, a classical and a Babicz acoustic (not something you want to scratch) and it does the job perfectly well.

The softer brushes you can use for the body and neck while the longer bristles work wonders on the fretboard, restoring it to a brand-new look. The longer thistles also work really well on a Wilkinson VS-50K tremolo unit, but won’t be that great on a traditional Floyd Rose, however, I must say that it wasn’t designed to clean one either, so I don’t hold it against the brush.

The softer brushes also have narrow and long bristles, making it really effective to clean those hard to reach places, like between pickups and in front of the bridge. It also slides under the strings of the head of your guitar making cleaning fast and effortless.

You can learn more about the Fast Axe at their website, Fast Axe. At $7.95, this is something that should always be in your case. Available through Musician’s Friend.