The Green and Yellow TV – Sinister Barrier

This CD is great! It’s quite infectious and it’s got many political and social statements to make. I am a fan of three-piece bands that are strong vocally and instrumentally because there is no question that there are no weak links.

They have a very commercial sound though there is something intelligent going on here. This sets them apart from the average indie band that is reaching for the mainstream. In my opinion more groups need to take the plunge and touch on political, social and ecological issues. I’d compare their over-all sound to groups like Muse from the UK, but a little more groove oriented.

The Green and Yellow TV has some important messages for a world that may not be quite ready to hear, but in my opinion are long overdue. They don’t wait to let you hear some of what they have to say, as the cover of Sinister Barrier depicts the 3 band members standing on a mountainside among a dozen or so television sets, each carrying it’s own message. ‘TV’s are Toxic’ and ‘Planet in Pain’ should give you an idea of what to expect from this trio. No disappointments here.