Turning Point – Matador

Now this is a very odd album. It’s Jazz, but… it does mix in a bunch of other stuff. At times it’s straightforward enough, while at others it’s way out there.

The album borrows from a lot of different genres, while managing to remain Jazz. Interesting, to say the least and quite different, too.

Lickety-Split is very typical Jazz, once you get through that very strange opening, while the next track, Spain begins with Rodrigo’s Aranjuez beautifully played on nylon string before returning to Jazz… and coming back to nylon strings and violin. Nicely done!

Matador also manages to blend Classical and Jazz nicely while Rhapsody for Priapus remains Classical throughout.

A blend of many things while managing to have a “whole” sound. Certainly something to buy if you’re looking for originality.