Hurry Home Early, The Songs of Warren Zevon

Warren Zevon was one of those artists that everybody knows, but nobody recalls at first thought. A fabulous songwriter and a great artist who inspired so many people throughout his career. Unfortunately, Zevon left us in 2003, succumbing to lung cancer.

Mark Doyon started this tribute project back in 2001. It was time somebody did a tribute to the man. This album features great performances from upcoming new artists. Featuring Phil Cody (Splendid Isolation) and Robb Johnson (Suzie Lightning) as well as Tom Flannery (Boom Boom Mancini) and Simone Stevens with Jordan Zevon on the previously never heard Warm Rain.

The album is extremely well-done and pays a great homage to a great artist. This heartfelt collection feels good and reminds us all of the great talent that died with the man.