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Thanks to millions of visitors, thousands of forum members and a group of dedicated writers, Guitar Noise is one of the friendliest musician communities online. As a completely free website, all of our writers and contributors volunteer their time and services for free. Please feel free to send us your comments and suggestions via the contact page.

Recent Testimonials

I just found Guitar Noise and I learned something in the first five minutes of reading. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

Brad S.

Just a quick note to tell you the new website is awesome!! I had not been there for over a year and I was very impressed. You guys should be proud of helping the young people that are trying to get started with the guitar as well as those somewhat more experienced like myself. I am forever grateful.

Phil from Eau Claire, Wis.

The day you had to take down tabs from you guitar lessons was sad one for me. I remember it well, the surprise, the sadness and the anger at greedy companies. But I am guilty too, after a while I stopped coming to guitarnoise.

Today I played Scarborough Fair (thanks David!) and decided to pay a visit to good ole guitarnoise, and see how was it doing, and I was in for surprise.

Not only is the site redesigned, but the lessons were back with tabs and soundclips! You have no idea how happy this made me and made me.

Guitarnoise taught me guitar! I spend the early 2000s reading and learning from articles and lessons on guitarnoise. If it hadn’t been for David Hodge, Jamie Andreas, A-J Charon, Nick Torres and of course Paul Hackett and everyone else at guitarnoise I honestly don’t know if I would ever learn to play.

When people ask me how I learned to play guitar, if I was self-taught, I always think (and sometime even say): ‘No, I am not self taught I am guitarnoise taught’.

Once again thank you for everything and I am glad to see you going strong after all these years. This site truly betters people’s lives.



More kind words

My brother turned me on to your website and was correct in saying how enjoyable it is. I have learned more in the past three weeks on your site than the previous eight months without it. Thanks so much for the cool website and all the great info you share.

Dennis 04/14/12

I just wanted to say thanks for your great website. I’m 62 and just learning the guitar. I always wanted to learn, but I worked so hard all my life I just never found the time. Now I’m disabled, (back problems from the years of toil), and have plenty of time. I feel kind of guilty getting so much information for free. If it were a paysite I wouldn’t be able to afford it. I know I’m not very articulate, but just wanted to express my gratitude to you for helping me. Thank You and may God bless.

Robert 12/14/11

Just found your site yesterday, thought I’d write and say thanks. The lessons are awesome – for a returning player I can find anything without having to subject myself to the usual google haul!

Adrian 09/07/10

Thank YOU!! I am a guitar novice by any standard and find your site and instruction is very worth it! I was able to pick up “Hurt” and part of “Horse with No Name” thanks to the site. It really helped my confidence to be able to play something I recognize!

Steve 02/24/10

I came across your site and find your particular combo of tab/text/mp3 nails it for me. The text really helps! Great mix of songs you have too.

Paul 12/25/09

Recently discovered your site, and just wanted to say I love it – it’s absolutely fantastic! Keep up the good work

Tom 12/25/09

I really just want to say thanks for all the hard work you have put into your website, all the tabs, lessons, podcasts. It is incredible! Such a gold resource I am so happy I have come across it and I really want to thank you. I can not believe this is a free resource on the web. What has been your motivation? Whatever it is, I am so glad that you do it.

Carey 06/16/09

Hi from Sydney, Australia

I want to start of by thanking you for the Guitar Noise website and all the wonderful lessons that you produce. A lot of my friends want to learn the guitar, considering that we’re entering our 30’s and with families, children and work – there’s no time but your effort and dedication drives me to learn and achieve, whatmore a hidden benefit is that guitar keeps the mind active.

Please, please keep up the wonderful work and more lessons covering Cat Stevens.

Thank you sooo much for your lessons… I hope you are getting good money for what you are doing. I have been following your lessons since 2003 and have learned a lot.

Angel 05/10/09

I like what you’re doing with the site. I like the straight ahead presentation – without all the overtop “stuff” that so many guitar sites or promos use – information you can use! I found the articles on scales and soloing very useful. Keep up the good work!

Ray 15/08/09

You have single-handedly turned me into an aspiring guitarist. I have been trying to learn to play on and off for a while, until I found Guitar Noise. The articles and lessons were easy to comprehend and encouraged me to keep at it. Now I am moving on to writing my own pieces, and I have you to thank.

You have forever changed my life for the better. Thank you.

I have to let you know of my gratitude for your lessons, columns and for Guitar Noise as a learning resource. I have played “seriously” now for just over a year. To paraphrase you, that means I have spent fifty-six years not playing the guitar and, believe me, I have used that admonition many times in my new career as a guitar student.

I have advanced to the point that I can make music I am happy with, that doesn’t get me kicked out of the house by my long suffering wife, and that on a few occasions people have actually listened to and claimed to enjoy. I have had a public performance where I even had to sing into a microphone.

I have learned I can still learn, both physically and mentally to do something as difficult as play a guitar. In short, I wake up each day with anticipation and joy. What else could we want?

Guitar Noise has been a huge part of that process. Your lessons and songs have also been a huge part of any progress I have made.

Dave 04/03/09

I would like to thank you for your fantastic lessons. I’m about to turn forty and have been playing guitar for a little over two years. When I was in 5-8 grade I took piano lessons (I wanted to play guitar….but, like many good parents, mine got me piano lessons instead. So a couple years ago my wife got me a guitar and lessons for Christmas and I have not been able to put down my guitar since. I “ňúdiscovered’ Guitar Noise a couple of months ago and am literally amazed every time I access the site. The material that you present is really awesome. I listen to your podcasts on the train, read your music theory and ear training articles on the ride home and can’t get through the song lessons fast enough. Everything I’ve read or listened to that you’ve prepared is so thorough, well thought out and presented so perfectly it’s incredible.

You really have a wonderful gift (which I’m sure has been honed through countless hours of preparing, playing, etc) for teaching and I just wanted to thank you.

Thanks again and keep up the great work! (I gotta run to check out your piece on the Allman Bros. Melissa. I love that song)

Matt – 03/19/09

Hello there!

I enjoy your Guitar Noise website very much. I started learning guitar quite late (well, at fifty – I call that late!), but enjoy it very much. It’s relaxing to go away by yourself for an hour or so and play songs. Your beginners section is a great help and I even remember most of the songs when then came out the first time around.

I liked your “guitar hero” interview on the Jemsite blog and agree with your view on playing for fun. Most of us know we will never be guitar gods but that doesn’t stop up playing for our own enjoyment. That’s the secret, I think – so you as you please yourself who cares what anyone else thinks?

Keep up the good work!

Gary – 03/16/09

I think that I have learned more from your site in my four week long guitar career than any other site. I do have one other favorite, but I have to pay monthly for it and you guys are free. It’s only fair we all contribute. Keep up the great work!

Have a great ’09.

Tracy – 01/07/09


I have been following your lessons for two years since I picked up a guitar for the first time. I got hooked on and completed your “Easy Songs For Beginners” lessons then continued on to your “Songs For Intermediates” series. I am almost finished with that. I am writing to ask if you will continue on or begin another “. . Songs. . .” lesson series. I know that I am definitely not the only one who would be grateful and benefit from another series of lessons.

I have told many people about Guitar Noise and your lessons and they love them, too! I know you are probably a busy man but if you have some extra time, I would be very grateful if you could squeeze in some time to extend the “Intermediate” series or start a new one altogether for those who have finished it.

Either way, I am extremely grateful for your style of teaching and humor. Everything I have learned up to this point has come from your lessons and a whole lot of practice. I, too, am a teacher (I teach elementary school in Hawaii) and am sure you also feel the same feeling of satisfaction from helping others learn and progress. Thank you very much!

Mahalo nui loa,

Troy – 01/05/09

I cannot thank you enough for your lessons on Guitar Noise! I have been playing for quite a few years with little formal instruction and looking for direction. I recently stumbled upon Guitar Noise and your lessons and started working on Fields of Gold. After a few hours of practice I have it down pretty well and it really sounds good! I am playing it as an instrumental (not sure how long it will take to work the singing in) and really enjoying it.

Your lessons are really pretty easy to follow and I also enjoy the pearls of wisdom and philosophy you occasionally interject.

Please keep up the excellent work!

Buzz – 12/05/08

I have been receiving reminders to check out ‘Guitar Noise’ for a couple years now. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the wealth of knowledge I have been receiving from this website. It’s a far better than most of the Internet guitar teachers that charge lots of bucks for lessons that aren’t detailed enough to really help the struggling student actually learn how to play.

I’m 58 years old, and have been playing since I was 12 although I didn’t take enough lessons growing up and self taught my skills for the most part. I’m presently turning around and teaching skills I have learned to others. Sharing is good karma and I know that I owe a lot to those people that I learned from, and hope to pass it on because I think that it’s only fair……You must feel the same way to be sharing your knowledge on line…..

Blessings to you and all at Guitar Noise….

Carl – 12/05/08

I am a brand new guitar player and I use your website often, and am thankful it is there. There is so many websites out there to try and rip you off that it is refreshing to visit a free comprehensive and complete instruction site like yours.

Justin – 11/16/08

Thank You!

I’m a 40 year old guy who finally picked up the guitar and started learning. I’ve been playing since April of this year (about 8 months) and taking weekly lessons to help me along.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I have been studying your lessons on Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here and I am loving it! I just found the Guitar Noise site last week and immediately started playing a recognizable version of this great song. I am still working on it (especially phrase two of the “intermediate intro” lesson!), but the sounds coming from my guitar are amazing to me! I’m doing hammer-ons! pull-offs! string bends! even slides! Limited succes on the slides… but I’ll get there. I can feel it! The fingerings of the chords seem natural and easy. My strumming can use some work, but even that is coming along well since I have taken your point about my own technique to heart.

So far, no one has come along to pay me to stop practicing it! They’ve even stopped complaining when I’m playing in the same room with them! HA! That’s a victory in itself. Again, thank you. I couldn’t be happier.

Keep on!

Chip – 11/15/08


I am a huge fan of your guitar lessons and greatly appreciate the work you put into them. There are honestly no better lessons for beginner guitarists online.

Tyler – 11/7/08


I just wanted to take a second to thank you for maintaining such a good site. I believe it was almost eight years ago when I found Guitar Noise. Recently, I was looking for a good explanation of “Wish You Were Here.” I again found your site and although it looks different, the content is still top notch. I’ve used a lot of your lessons over the years to help build my knowledge and skills on the guitar.

Thanks again! And keep it up!!!!

Joshua – 10/9/08

I have a practice guitar next to my desk at work and try to get through a few lessons everyday – I really enjoy the site.

You are greatly appreciated!

Robert – 10/7/08

Mr Hodge & staff,

Just wanted to say Thanks. Although, I’ve previously expressed my thanks after the “Knocking on Heaven’s Door ” pod cast. I wanted to do it again after having the opportunity to have read and experienced several of your lessons and the site in general. It is funny how life is about opportunities and timing. Like several of your articles I thought I was too old to play, but took the opportunity to try at age 35 and fortunately it was in time with the creation of your site and teaching style. I’ve been playing about a year now and can play a good portion of your beginner song list. I’m still not good, but my 8 year old son now plays and we have fun. I learned to have fun once I got some strumming, counting time down and finally realized that what I play does not have to sound exactly like it was recorded or written as long a you don’t get to far off base.

I’m glad I took the opportunity find explore your site. Keep the articles and lessons coming.

Greg – 9/18/08


I just really wanted to say thank you for all the articles you write, you’ve been a huge help to me over the last year in developing my guitar skills and style. Your articles are well-written and personable, and certainly very clear and easy to follow.

Aaron – 9/14/08

I stumbled upon your incredible site while Googling to find a tab version of the descant portion of Scarborough Fair/Canticle, a song I have been playing for years pretty much as you have tabbed it out. I am 54 – a guitar geezer – but still extremely eager to improve my technique. I play several hours a day, and while I consider myself quite advanced (though not of course at the level of a touring professional), your tutorials have improved my playing tremendously.

I am not quite sure why you are being so generous with this hard-won information on technique, but good on you. Just fixing some bits in my version of the intro to “Wish You Were Here” alone would have been worth the price of admission (well, you know what I mean), but I keep uncovering treasure after treasure on your wonderful site.

Sincere thanks. I hope they don’t shut you down like they did Powertabs. Clearly, you’re into a different thing, but the point’s the same. The guitar community would be diminished without your fine work.

David – 8/23/08

I have been using for about a year and a half and have found myself enthralled with the guitar because of your site. Since I discovered your site, I have tried lessons on other sites and lessons on CD, both of which pale in comparison to your lessons on theory and song. Furthermore, I have even started to pick at a banjo when I found the banjo lessons on GuitarNoise. I want to say thank you for both the ease and detail in your lessons.

Roddy – 8/20/2008

As a beginner, I want to say that you have, by far, the BEST guitar site on the web! Many thanks for the lessons, the practice pieces, and the encouragement!

Mark – 7/19/2008

I would just like to thank you for providing such a high quality resource at no cost. Your site is by far the best free lessons I have come across on the internet to date. I have only been playing for 2 months now and I’m improving by leaps and bounds.

Adam – 7/15/2008