Learn Christmas and Holiday Songs for Guitar

Guitar Noise has more than 30 Christmas songs tabbed out into easy lessons for beginners. They’re all here for free!

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Guitar Noise has lessons on everything and anything to do with guitar. We’ve even got stuff for bass players, 12 string guitars, banjo pickers, ukulele lovers and all of you beautiful misunderstood lefties.

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  • Look, Ma, No Hands!

    Look, Ma No Hands is the first of two parts on open tunings. Find out what open tunings are and how to achieve them.
  • Travis Picking Tutorial

    Let’s start with the very basics of finger style guitar and learn some very cool (and very simple) finger picking patterns.


Podcast #29: “Good Riddance Bonus Material”

The latest podcast explores a few different ways of strumming Green Day’s “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).” When you learn to combine strums and single note picking you’ll acquire an important skill that works in so many other songs you play.

The Guitar Noise Podcast is an in depth, one-on-one lesson with David Hodge, the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Guitar. These lessons are absolutely free and incredibly fun. Check out the list of podcasts and start listening today.

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