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[Sticky] Bass Resources on GN

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Hi All;

If you are new to GuitarNoise, you may not be aware of all the lessons and other articles that are available here (there are many!). In the Bass section, there are lessons on creating basslines, and advice on buying basses and amps.  Click here:

If there is something you'd like to know more about and you don't see it there, feel free to post a request here.


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I dont see the bass tab up there anymore.

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All lessons have been grouped under the "lessons" tab. Also on the home page you can use the itemized contents listing in the left column. They had to make room for the "forum" tab, you know!   ;)


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Thats definately a must, Thanks for the info Dave (or David).

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A great help to me when learning how to play bass was my friend
James 'Wheat' Martin's free, online Bass Book.

In it, Wheat covers all the basics of bass playing and is an invaluable
guide to the beginning through intermediate bass player.

Here's the table of contents:

Book I

chapter 1 basics: notes of the neck

chapter 2 basics: fretting notes
chapter 3 sounding notes 101: fingerstyle, guitarstyle, pick, etc.
chapter 4 technique: hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, bends, vibrato
chapter 5 technique: left-hand dexterity
chapter 6 technique: right-hand dexterity
chapter 7 sounding notes 102: slapping & popping
chapter 8 sounding notes 102: two-hand tapping
chapter 9 scales 101: blues scale, minor & major pentatonics

Book II

chapter 10 scales 102: the modes of the major scale
chapter 11 scales 102: moveable scale forms

chapter 12 theory 101: chord construction & inversions
chapter 13 theory 101: diatonic harmony
chapter 14 theory 101: expanding your grasp of the neck
chapter 15 theory 101: chord dictionary

Book III

chapter 16 theory 102: walking bass
chapter 17 scales 103: exotic scales
chapter 18 theory 102: practicing improvisation
chapter 19 theory 102: reading music
chapter 20 gear: the right tools
chapter 21 theory 103: playing outside
chapter 22 bands: rehearsing
chapter 23 listening guide: inspiration

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I printed out the whole thing. It's full of a wealth of bass info. Thanks for recommending it!

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Pretty nice book. Just read the first one so far. That Wheat guy is nice for putting that out for free. He belongs here at GN!

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to quote bill n' ted


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yep i came to the right place

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does that mean I'm middle aged?

btw site bookmarked... but i wish someone had something in pDf!!!

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