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Difference between bass amp and acoustic guitar amp

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I am buying an acoustic bass guitar, the question I have is can I use my acoustic guitar amp with it or do I need to buy a Bass amp.


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I think the bass amp would be better - I don't think the acoustic guitar amp would work as anything more than a very short-term fix. It wouldn't handle the much lower frequencies over any length of time.

I'm no expert, but there are a few here or hereabouts and I'm guessing they'll say the same.

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Not sure about the acoustic amp, but I think a keyboard amp or small powered PA would work well for both.

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The acoustic guitar amps I've seen and read about usually are closed back (for better bass response), with a tweeter. When I compared it to my little Fender Bassman 100, it's basically a closed back amp with a tweeter. I think the acoustic amps have more tone and feedback control knobs, but...they're basicaly the same. My Fender has a 10" driver and puts out quite a bit of bass, but when I turn on the tweeter (which I normally don't because I like the thuddy sound), it gets pretty bright.

I'm thinking if your acoustic guitar amp is similar, then it could be a good stand in until you get another amp for bass. Maybe turn the tweeter down or off if you can and go from there.

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I have an Ibanez TA35 acoustic amp (35 W with 10" coaxial speaker with integrated tweeter) and use it for Acoustic Guitar and Electric Bass. Its more less identical with the Ibanez Bass Amp SW35 (identical speaker, same closed enclosure, same Amp) . Main difference is that the acoustic Amp has a separate balanced mic input.

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