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advice on strumming up

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i need help with my up-strum I can strum down fine, but when it comes to up-strum 2 or more strings it feels like the strings are hooked to hard... I realize hard to explain, or i dont touch all the strings, at all or equaly. I try to tip my wrist like i do down-strum but its kind of a slow movement to do to be able to come back up quickly. so I probably need advice on holding the pick right...

I usualy hold my pick parrallel to the strings.

Sorry for my english it is not my primary language.

cheers! Dan.

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I think you mean perpendicular (like a wall to the floor, I_), not parallel (like this equal sign=). Should be at a little bit of an angle I_ which reverses for up and down strokes, so the pick glides across the strings. I don't think it's a matter of tipping your wrist so much as not holding the pick too stiffly.


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Holding a pick in one position all the time.
There are tons of different techniques and ways to play a guitar and all they require a different way to hold a pick.
From my 9 year experience I can tell that I have up to 10 pick positions that I consistently change all the time.
The same concerns strumming up/down. Holding a pick parallel to the strings is not the best idea.
Instead of "scratching" the strings this way, try to reduce the angle between the pick and strings in a way that when you move it down, first goes your hand and then after the sharp part of the pick. You want this part to follow the movement of your hand.
The same way works for upstrokes: first goes your hand, then the pick.
I recently wrote an article about how to hold a guitar pick properly .
I think you'd learn a lot from reading it.
If you have any questions - let me know.