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Amp problem, muffled sound help me out!!

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hello all

well im new here but ill get right down to business

i rescently bought a Marshall AVT50HX head 50 watts RMS valvestate and im running it out of a Yorkville 212G 2x12 cab powered by Celestion. :D

Im havin a problem with my FX when im plugged in with either my Boss Metal Zone or my Digitech RP150, i get a very

muffled sound. when im just going straight out the clean or drive channel im gettin much better volume and clarity. is it

maybe something wrong with my cables? ive tried all 3 of my guitars and still not getting a good sound out of active or

passive pickups.

and i know this question is gonna make me look like a newby but...

Im having problems re-stringing my guitars. they seem to never hold a tune. since ive been playing (about a year) ive

always just re tuned em but they fall out quite a few steps. is there any special technique i should use when re-stringing and

what type of gauge should i use for drop tuning like D or C. ive just been unig .009-.042 DR strings i find they sound and

feel the best.

help a new fella out. EZ

ps. my rig is

Marshall AVT50HX Head
Yorkville 212g Cab
Charvel Avenger (rhoads) V custom paint EMG pickups, Schaller Flloyd
BC Rich ASM American
Yamaha Acoustic
Vintage Epiphone Acoustic
Boss Metal Zone, RP-150

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welcome aboard. this is a great site.
Ill start with strings. getting them wrapped around the tuning post correctly will aid in keeping your guitar in tune.
I found this site to be very helpful:

once they are put on I play for a bit to stretch them out. retuning often at first is normal. I do lots of string bends and vibrato; my G string is wrapped careful as that one gets a blues player workout.

Im not familiar with your amp head. but I do use a few effects pedals. Im confused a bit about how you state the problem.
when you run clean or drive are you still plugged into your effects?
or are you plugged straight into the amp?

if you are plugged into your effects and run thru those channels AND get that muffled sound
my best guess is that you are not sending a big enough signal into the effects.
meaning ..turn up your guitar volume knob.
a weak signal (low volume) coming from a guitar into an effect will not let the effect 'read' well to produce its effect.
I always have my guitar full up sending the biggest signal into the effect. I control final loudness with a volume pedal.

if you are running into an FX loop I cant answer for that as I dont have one.

the effects have an output control. is the output control turned up?
if not, things will sound muffled.

I doubt your cables are bad if you have good output when plugged direct from guitar to amp.

hope this helps a bit.

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You can try to connect the fx out and the fx in with a guitar cable, to see if that produces a muffled sound as well. That would effectively exclude your effects as the cause.

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first thing i thought of was the batteries in your pedals. make sure they're not dead or dying.

are the effects between the guitar and amp, or in the fx loop?

i know my boss ds-1 sucks up tone with a vaccuum cleaner. it might just be the pedals. did you have the same problem with your old amp?

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ya the batterys are fresh :D lol.. and ive got the volume up full on my guitar and ive tried running through the Fx loop and just straight through the input like i did on my little crate 15watt. it seems to be still all muffled. can you use a distortion effects pedal on a overdrive channel because my little amp would only work on clean otherwise it sounded like garbage.

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smitty. same cord from guitar direct to amp= full sound.

same cord from guitar thru effect to amp= muffled sound.

if the batteries are good and guitar vol is full on and you get muffle then it has to be effect.


maybe the amp master vol is doing something. I have a Fender amp so cannot help with your marshall head.

Im stumped.

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While nothing is written in stone, most people run a distortion pedal into their clean channel only. Running distortion into an already distorted tone usually sounds pretty horrible, this might be your problem. Either use the pedals with the clean channel, then turn the pedals off to use your amps overdrive channel. This just gives you even more options with different distortion sounds.

One way to use a distortion pedal with your amps overdrive channel is to turn the Gain way down on the pedal, but turn the Volume up. This will give you a nice boost for solos. If you have tone controls on the pedals, try turning Mids up and go down a little on Bass and Highs. Mids are best for a solo tone that really cuts through.

Also, check Contour if your amp has that. If you have it all the way counter-clockwise it can be very bassy or possibly muffled sounding. Try between 1 and 2 o'clock position. Contour seems to affect the overdrive channels especially on Marshall amps.

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