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better to learn on.. acoustic or electric?

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I have been playing for about 3 weeks. I have a book and I can tell that I'm making progress. I have some musician friends who remind me that the more you practice the better you will be and the sooner you will reach your goals.

I'm playing a steel string acoustic and I'm really happy with the sound. I'm sure that my struggles to form chords easily and make chord changes smoothly are the same that nearly everyone experiences. Would I find it easier to learn on an electric guitar? I goofed around with one a few years ago and remember it not requiring so much pressure on the fret-board. Is that in my head?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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Keep up with the acoustic... I was once told that "It'll put hair on your chest".... Playing the acoustic requires more strength to press on the strings, which, *TYPICALLY* makes it a little harder to play. I started on an electric but it was so hard to play that the acoustic i have now, is ten times easier to play.. But by playing that junky guitar helped to better build the muscles in my fretting hand and arm. It will help tons if you just stay with the acoustic... Then when you start getting better and your hands dont hurt anymore from playing (which means the muscles are more toned) then I would maybe suggest moving up... But stick with the challenge.. It always pays off, and it'll only help/...... Hope this helps...

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I was lucky enough to have both right from the start, and I practised everything on both guitars. I believe this has helped me a good bit, but I realize it's not the approach for everyone. it probably wouldn't have been for me if I had to buy both guitars, but the acoustic was a gift.

Although the acoustic may require a bit more work, from those I've spoken with it seems easier going from the acoustic to electric than learning on the electric and moving to the acoustic.

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The first guitar I owned was an acoustic and I played it for 6 months before I let myself buy an electric. When I did finally get my electric I was suprised how sweet the action was and how easy it was to do bends and hammers/pulls and all those things that make the electric so much fun to play. I am really happy I started with the acoustic because I believe it definately strenghtened my fingers and hands quicker and made the transition to the electric much easier. Which ever way you go just keep practicing.

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Practice the one that you want to play. If you like the sound of steelstring accoustics, play that. If you like the sound of electric guitars, get one of those. You can learn on both, so just go with the one that keeps you motivated.

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Hi, Sebboe, and welcome to Guitarnoise.

There's nothing you can do on an electric guitar that you can't do on an accoustic, so whatever you want to learn on will be fine.

Electric guitars do require less pressure on the neck - you're not cracking up.


A :-)

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Eveything you learn, get it down on acoustic first then go play on electric. I'm always more impressed when I see someone like Tim Reynolds go nuts on a martin than someone shredding on electric. But thats a matter of taste. In terms of practicality, I believe its better to get grounded on acoustic first.

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ditto on what Arjen said. He's completly right.

What style of music you wanna learn, what bands do you like.