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Counting/rhythm notation question

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I'm working on an old lesson from David - "Wish You were Here", and I'm always having to go back and refresh my memory on how the strumming pattern goes. So, I decided to write the strumming pattern down on a piece of paper, but can't figure out how to verbalize/ write down this measure, especially the 2nd beat of the measure; a 16th note followed by an 8th note followed by a 16th note. f"> f">

How would you count out this measure: one two-e-and three four-e-and ?? I could figure it out if it were all 16th notes but I'm confused by the 16th note followed by an 8th,

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Almost. You've got your "and" and your "a" mixed up though.

If it were all semiquavers/ 16th notes then you're right, it would be easy to count "2-e-and-a" and "4-e-and-a". As it is, what you have in those beats is a 16th-8th-16th configuration which sounds as short-long-short and you count/ strum it as

"2 e a" and "4 e a".

making that bar sound "dummmmm" "da-dumm-da" "dummmmm" "da-dumm-da".

Now the tricky bit. On the "a" strums, if you use an upstroke, then your hand is perfectly positioned to play the following beat with a downstroke and you can use your right hand to keep time by playing downstrokes on the beat, every beat.

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Alan- Thanks very much for your reply.
For some reason, figuring out the rhythm is (for me) one of the most difficult things to learn in music. Your "da-dumm-da" example made it much easier to understand:


Likewise, the tip about using an upstrum to keep the beat on all downstrokes is helpful and well worth remembering.

Thanks again for your help.