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Do fingertips swell...
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Do fingertips swell from guitar work?

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Please humor me. This is more a medical question, but I figure someone with experience will know.

My teacher gave me a list of 12 chords to practice switching between, but even before this, when I was doing A, D and E on my own, I found that as time progressed, it got more and more difficult to finger chords without a finger muting a neighboring string. It would rattle, I'd try to adjust, but that didn't seem to help at all.

So, do the fingertips swell from playing?

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I'd say it's possible, but I'm not a doctor. I'm more inclined to believe that what you're experiencing is fatigue.

Watch Jeff Beck towel himself down after playing a 90 minute set.

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If your finger is in pain and swelling you should really stop practicing before you damage it further and get bigger problems. If the problem persists you should really see a doctor if you are getting something serious.