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Hi guys,

I started playing the guitar a while ago and have thusfar been playing with a clean sound. Due to wanting to play with headphones I got myself a Digitech RP1000 effect pedal. After playing for a while I found out it's pretty undoable to start off playing with headphones if you suck, so I got myself a small amp for home practice (Laney Cub 10).

I've been playing with clean sound as I said, and mostly "acoustic" songs so to speak, because I have no clue which effects do what and which song uses something. This thing has a retarded amount of effects built in, so is there anywhere you can find what you need to enable to get the right sound for a song? For example: "Are you gonna go my way" requires overdrive, distortion or something like that? I could always ask on the forum I guess but that'd be quite annoying for people always having to answer (was looking for "Are you gonna go my way" and "You give love a bad name).

I have:

- Guitar: Yamaha Pacifica (PAC 112J)
- Amp: Laney Cub 10
- Effects Pedal: Digitech RP 1000 ( )

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remember, with effects, less is more.
to understand effects and what goes with what I would start with a note pad and pen. jot down the effect name and any dials moved in tuning in a sound. that way you have reference for when you do discover an effect and setting. it is very easy to get lost when working with a multi effect pedal.
what effect for what song? in my mind that is very subjective, unless you are going for the exact sound on a CD. that is a tall order actually, because we have no clear idea what was done in the studio. we can come close.
there is a site on line that describes what each effect does; ie, flanger, overdrive, chorus, etc.
lastly, effects can be great, but they can quickly destroy a guitar's sound turning it to mud.
less is more.

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Some guitar magazines publish effect settings along with alternate tunings and tabs in the five or so songs they feature every issue. It is becoming their niche although I suppose it won't be long before the Tab sites pick up on that service and start adding it as they have with the built in key transposers.