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fingers dont fit

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One error that beginners often make is to want to see where they are placing their fingers, so, they twist the guitar until the fretboard is visible.

This makes fretting anything difficult. It is better to sit in front of a mirror and use that. It does seem funny at first, but it allows you to fret the chords without having to turn your wrist through 180°. Also, start with your guitar fairly high up, which will also help keep the wrist straight(er).

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Well, make sure you do the following:

- Cut those nails, you want them as short as possible.

- I have a Yamaha Pacifica, my strings are very close to my fret board so I don't have to push very hard. Check for something similar if you still have to buy a guitar.
- Your fingertops have to be in a 90 degrees angle on the string, ideally. /
See this "finger". I

- Try setting finger per finger on the strings, and make sure you push hard enough.

- Strum every string once before you strum the chord. You'll hear it when you aren't pushing enough, or if your finger is against a certain string. Try setting the finger more straight if you hear this.

These are things a teacher can really help you with, I could play chords my very frst lesson, and trust me: I'm not a guitar prodigy, far off. I'd advise you to still take a few of the beginner lessons, groups might be cheaper or you might get discounts if you bought your guitar somewhere in particular. I found it quite undoable prior to my first lesson, but currently after a few lessons I seem to be able to actually be able to use the internet for pretty much everything. (I still take classes as a way of structured learning, maintenance, etc)

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Yep - hang on in there....

I got a guitar for Christmas, and am still a newbie... But I really struggled with C and D chords, both of which I can do now...

Don't get me wrong I still struggle with some stuff, but when I look back to what I was finding difficult 4 and 6 weeks ago, I can see what progress I've made.

And I was delighted when my teacher gave me the opening riff to Enter Sandman to play... sadly he wasn't quite as delighted as I played this only when practicing and my chords went to pot :-) - but I've practiced those again now and they are getting better...

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Give it a year, then buy Ted Greene's Chord CHemistry and read the bit where he talks about fretting two strings (not a barre shape, but with the tip of your finger) with one finger. Then wonder why your fingers are too small to do it.

In other words, don't worry. Whatever your finger size, there'll be some things that are easier than others, and some things you find more difficult. Be patient and persevere, and know that the guy who's making it look easy probably has/had difficulties with something you found really simple.

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