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Having trouble progressing

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I'm not a new guitar player but I have some beginner questions. I've been playing for a few years as a self taught player but I feel that I lack the technicals knowledge of basic guitar fundamentals to go any further. I have trouble soloing and building songs well because of this too. I'd just like to know what things are 100% required to learn as a beginner or otherwise in order to be a well rounded player.

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Start with getting some basic harmony knowledge - check out the lessons on this site - so you know what chords are going to work with which other chords (and why, for example, E7 is the dominant chord in both A major and A minor). A little Music theory does nobody any harm.

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The best advise is that you learn guitar theories, Scales, Modes, and use a METRONOME... which is the most snob tool by beginner guitar players.... this will help you understand what guitar playing is really all about, and will unlock your full potential.

You will also develop what is called muscle memory if you religiously practice. But also too much practice can burn you... chill out, you still have school or work that should be prioritized first. If you fell the burn, stop, do some other things.

1.Make a schedule and an easy to follow regimen different each day.
2.Avoid repeating what you do. This tends to limit your capabilities; explore the big world of guitar discipline and develop what is called “muscle memory”
3.Exercise, eat well and sleep.
4.Do other things that you like other than playing the guitar, this really help to avoid that burn.

I know its fun to learn a song or two... but the thing is; your only trying to memorize it and not really learning the songs... I hope thats clear what im sayin... some parts of this article about learning to play the guitar
Hope this helps you jmpstart... goodluck and Godbless