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Hostage of love

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Can anyone help a brother out with a strumming pattern for razorlights hostage of love.

Chords are E,D,C with a capo on the 7th fret i've been reliably informed.

Thanks in advanvce.

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Nice song to try out! I'm still a beginner myself and rarely try to play songs by ear/youtube-vid, but this is what I came up with in an hour or two. The chords are easy but it's a pretty fast song. I feel like I have improved my speed just practicing this! I try to hit the base note with my thumb and do the up-downs as fast as possible with my index finger.

As the Intro and in between "your my hostage now" - "I am a sinner", play the following twice:
Bass-downup on Em, bass-downup on D
Bass-downupdownupdownup on C
Bass-downupdownupdownup on D
Bass-downupdownupdownup on C

For each line of the song, play:
Bass-downupdownupdownup on Em
Bass-downupdownupdownup on D
Bass-downupdownupdownup on C (2X)

This properly works untill you get to the "You say you have been born again" part. You could probably get away with continuing the same pattern, but if someone can explain what exactly I'm hearing frome here on that would be great!