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Lost, HELP ME!!!!

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I've been playing guitar for about a year and a half and was progressing at a fast speed for a long time. I know a lot of chords, pentatonics, modes, licks, a couple songs and just don't know where to go next. Does anyone have any advice on progressing or what helped them get through this plateau. I'm really into the chicago blues, british blues, and a lot of classic rock from the 60's and 70's. Hopefully someone can help me because i don't even know what to practice anymore, which is strange because i used to practice for 5 to 6 hours a day. HELP ME!!!!!

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For me, putting the guitar down works.

Forcing myself while in a rut has proven to be nonproductive.

Wait for something that motivates you to put you in a new direction.

If it was easy it wouldn't be worth doing.

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you could start improvising off of what you know... start making stuff up n being creative.

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Jason speaks Wise Words: Practicing is nice, but eventually you'll have to bite the bullet and actually make music. CHords, scales and modes aren't, they are the tools. You practiced them, so go start writing your own tunes, join a band, put your skills to practical use. :D

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hi mate

it depends on you: I started to self-teach the guitar a couple of years ago to be able to play some of my idols songs (Iron maiden). I'm far from it because i've not mastered all the power chords and compelx Maiden patterns but I learnt a lot of other things and an awful lot of songs that i like (I guess 150 songs more or less). Having done this I've also tried new arrangmentes of songs (i.e. playing them with fingerpicking instead of strumming or using some barre chords instead of open chords). Since I began to play some easy scale maybe in the future i will also try some small lead who knows! What seems me quite strange is that with all the theory you know you've just tried a couple of songs: I guess that you should start to learn some songs you like and you'll immediately be more motivated! I suppose you have to put in pratice all your knowledge


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you are soooo ripe.
it's time to start playing with others.
have any mates that play?
find a jam or just get together woth a bass and drum machine if you have to.
playing with others increases the enjoyment factor by , what, a hundred!

you will find yourself increasing your thinking while playing. improvising will develop, speed, licks, everything.

put an ad up somewhere. start a band.

it time.

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im new to the forums as well and ive been playing since january. i found myself in your position and the best thing that helped me get out of the rut was jamming with people. just mess around, improvise on what youve learned and tought yourself, and it makes learning alot eaier when youre playing next to someone whos better than you

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Yes, playing with others is the thing to do. Check out Open Mics in your area. I personally love open mics because there is not the pressure of a band. You just get up there and jam. :D

But open mics are a great place to meet other musicians to jam with or start a band. I have been in several bands where all the members met at an open mic. Here is a nice open mic finder. Just type in your zip code to find an OM near you.

Another option is to record your own music. When you record you have to play perfect, so it is really great practice.

But try the Open Mics, they are a blast. Don't worry if you haven't been playing long, doesn't matter at all.

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