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need your help please ASAP

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He all, I am the guy who chopped his fretting finger and is having to have to re-learn guitar with the left hand. My son has decided to learn to play guitar for his senior project and has chosen "LaBamba" as the song to play for his final. I am on the road using a laptop without all the info. that is on my home computer including links, lessons etc. I know there is a link on my home computer to a site that has a lot of music without accompanyment to help practice guitar, Can anyone give me the link please. Thanks, Scott

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I'm not sure what site your asking about, but right at guitarnoise from the home page you'll find lots of songs written out and explained by the best guitar teachers in the world. which makes it real easy for folks to learn the songs. Click the HOME or LESSONS tabs in the center at the top of this page.