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where is the best place online to get good guitar tabs from ??

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Musicroom dot com

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If you are using the program "Guitar Pro" and you're searching for this kind of tabs, I'd suggest you
1)ultimate-guitar dot com
2)tablatures dot tk

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Posts: 152 They have 3 musicians working for 5 days to complete a tab, after all. Sorry, couldn't resist...

I've bought a few and they're keepers (you know, until I lose them or the website shuts down.) I like the Amazon suggestion as these online files just become a thing of the past.

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Re: Amazon - I'm actually seeing print music getting worse in the last couple of years. It's starting to remind me of how bad popular music books were in the 70s.

I'm seeing two things going on with the big publishers (Hal Leonard and Alfred): first, there are a lot more errors in their fake books lately. I use fake books constantly to practice my sight reading... and several of my recent purchases literally have errors on every other page. At first I thought it was regional variations in the songs (in books of folk songs, blues tunes, etc). But it goes way beyond that - measures with the wrong number of beats, and other obvious errors. And there are so many of them, I'm concluding it's deliberate - tunes like folk songs or many Christmas carols are in the public domain, and it gives them an opportunity to sue a publisher reproducing the same errors - proof that their work has been copied. It's a strategy map publishers have used for years, putting fictitious towns and streets on the page. But it kinda sucks when you drop $30-50 on a fake book!

The second thing I'm seeing is peculiar to guitar, and more of a problem with Alfred. Almost all guitar publishers are introducing new notations, but Alfred seems to be doing it in both the standard notation and the tab. And while I don't have a problem with efforts to advance notation... here too, I'm thinking it's a precursor to lawsuits rather than an effort to improve things. And some of the standard notation I've seen lately doesn't follow the conventions of notation - split voices without rests to fill out the measure in one voice, etc. Maybe they're not paying so much attention to the standard notation part, figuring that 90% of their customers are relying on the tab.

As far as tab websites go, it seems to me they all have the same files. Somebody submits a tab to one site, and all the others copy it as quickly as they can, errors and all. No one seems to be any better than the others. This includes pay sites - the few I've tried had the same errors the free sites did in some songs.

My opinion for the best website for guitar stuff online? YouTube. Seriously. You'll see original performances and covers, good and bad. Many of the videos are clear enough to pretty much take the place of tab, and if your ears are decent, the sound is usually good enough to do your own transcription.

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I've noticed at least with the few classical books I own from Hal Leonard that there are mistakes in every piece almost. The only reason I can tell (because I don't know the piece and there are different interpretations on each) is that it goes way off key in a note, or in the one that has tab, there is music, but no tab representation.

I still use it, but I've found a good classical resource with free high quality PDF's that I use.

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Hey Joe! That Klassiskgitar site Rocks! - looking forward to dusting of the Classic to have ago on a few!