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Things You Have Accomplished Recently

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After 20 years of noodling lazily on guitar for enjoyment/relaxation I started taking lessons last week and dedicated a large portion of my free time to try to "up my game" as it were. Working on scales/theory/and learning the neck beyond the first 4 frets. It's already opening up new things to me. I'm starting to see patterns and my fingers after all the scale work are beginning to know where to go next...they don't always make the best choices, but at least they're not paralyzed into inaction anymore.

Oh, and I joined GuitarNoise. Wealth of information here about my new/old obsession.



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1. Worked out the harmonica solo in Heart of Gold to play on the guitar, in the song.
2. Worked out a couple of rhythm and strumming patterns by myself.
3. And... um, well I... uh...

Hmm, I guess that was it... :oops:


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Converted my mates garage in a small rehearsing studio for our band to use, it's a bit small but we don't have to pay anymore, Got keys so can go round when ever i like..Wicked. :D

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1. Learned to play Sunshine of Your Love (at least till the solo, not attempting that just yet).

2. Learned various versions of Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt, know all the chords, but not up to speed playing it just yet.

Things I've put off? Learning more scales and CAGED.

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1) Joined GN - finally, after months of lurking :-)
2) Finished working through RGT Acoustic Guitar Playing 1 book - I am still working on the fingerpicking pieces, and now it's time to move on to book 2

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Well, I just mowed the lawn. :wink:

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In addition to the theory-related part of my lessons, I recently...

  • Learned Let it Be (chords)
    Learned the solo to Let it Be... by ear!
    Played the solo while my instructor played the chords
  • Woot!

    So... with that under my belt ...

  • I 'relearned' Day Tripper (chords and solo). It had been quite a while since I had played this so had to relearn it.
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  • It's a blast learning songs by ear! 8)

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    Finally got Rush's 2112 overature down. felt so good I went on and learned "Fly by night" and most of "A passage to Bangkok".

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    I had a tiny bit of success in my first foray into finger-style, successfully (though not perfectly) playing through a nice, easy, pretty version of Silent Night. Then had a breakthrough the next day, when I backslid to playing rhythm, by taking what I learned in the finger-style version and arranging a very pretty-sounding rhythm accompaniment for Silent Night, using chord voicings I never would have tried before, which the praise band may perform in my church this holiday season. I'm so very pleased with it.

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    Got the first solo for voodoo child licked - fingers are killin me and ear drums are bursting. But if nothing else i learned a realy cool Jimmy trick - using the switch selector as a kind os wammy during bends.

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    Recently, I finally got a clean run of "Waterfalls". (Somewhere in easy lessons). As usual, for a beginner, there were difficult parts but THIS TIME I decideded to work through them and DID! I just started practising the difficult part SLOWLY and before I knew it I had it! Glad I did this.

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    1. Found a group of guys in my area to play with!
    2. Got up the nerve to go to an open jam (that wasn't really much of a jam in the end)
    3. Getting more consistent with Half-step bends with my index finger
    4. Less tension on in both hands/shoulders when playing
    5. lighter touch on the fretboard
    6. Faster pulloffs (Thx to Speed Mechanics)
    7. Purchasing a new guitar... (after selling another one :( )
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    (been trying a bunch lately to find the right feel. This one has "it")
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    I feel like i've made tons of progress lately

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    well a few things that i've accomplished in the last months

    a) started to play in a hard-rock band and find out that I can do it!
    b) learnt to play some scales (E-blues, Am pentatonic at 5th fret and of course moving its shape around the neck, A major both with regular and swing eights)
    c) finally learnt to play clean bar chords and clean 5th chords (learning how to stop unused strings with index)
    d) learnt a couple of Iron maiden songs!!!
    e) this is a very small goal but learnt to play some bass-lines on guitar (CCR's down in the corner and heard it through the grapevine, stand by me)


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    Finished a song!!!

    Been jamming once a week with a buddy for over three years. Always a blast, but we have this nasty habit of coming up with some cool stuff and it just dies there. Well, as you can hear in "Hear Here", we finally saw one through to completion. I had to bug the heck out of him (since he did most of the work), but we have one song finished. Rather proud of it too.

    Now to finish the others we have .... :wink:


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