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Used Wrong Tuning pegs

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So I restring my steel string acoustic G B E strings on the wrong pegs. Actually the B string on the correct peg, the G and E interchanged. My only excuse is having a 6 year old "help" me and fielding her 100's of questions? Any way it seems to tune and sound correct, but other than having other guitarists smirk at me is there any implication as far as torque on the neck or headstock?


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It'll be putting un-necessary strain on the sides of the nut slots.
That might make the strings "grab" when you are tuning.
It might also wear the bottom of the slot a bit wider than it should be, which can sometimes lead to string buzzing in the slot.

Is there any reason not to take the strings off, and put them where they should be?

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I agree with the other poster- there's probably no harm in having done this. But there is potential harm, or at least additional stress and wear on various parts and pieces of your guitar, if you keep it that way.

I'd add- as I'm picturing this in my head, it's also putting extra stress on the strings, concentrated at the nut. So if you leave them that way, the strings are likely to break.

I'd just take them off and change them again.

(And by the way- good for you in terms of training up the next generation. Six-year-olds should be learning about guitars!)