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What brand of strings is recommended?

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I have to replace strings on both my acoustic and electric guitar, not that I have trouble with replacing the strings themselves but I was wondering if anyone could recommend a set of decent NPL strings for my electric and steel strings for my acoustic that are between£5-£15 per set.

I'm not familiar with brands of guitar strings or what's trustworthy/what isn't. Thanks for any help.

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acoustic I use Martin mediums phosphor bronze. \
my electrics all get Ernie Ball Super Slinky's 10-46 nickel. you should be able to find these on either side of the pond.

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I'll give a hell yeah on the Ernie Ball strings. Pretty much the only brand I buy these days.

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Been using D'addario for over 20 yrs. No problems, great tone. I have tried other brands, but they never sound as good.

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I like D'Addario strings for a couple of reasons:

  • They sound good
  • Minimal packaging 100% recyclable (good for the environment)
  • The packaging is moisture proof so they don't rust in the pack here in South Florida like some other brands do
  • My advice though is to try different brands and see what suits you best.

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    My advice though is to try different brands and see what suits you best.

    That's probably the best advice you're going to get on the subject.

    Strings can be a personal preference thing.

    Myself, I'm still experimenting. I haen't found some that I absolutely hate yet (though Squire Bullets come close), nor have I found some that I can't live without.

    Most have been acceptable.

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