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Coldplay Request(s)...
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Coldplay Request(s)!

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Hi Guitar friends!

Greetings from Minneapolis.

So I'm trying to learn some more Coldplay songs. I have a good version of "Yellow" off the net, a great version of "Don't Panic" thanks to David Hodge, but I'd like to learn more. HOWEVER: Coldplay tabs are some of the most abused on the web from my experience thus far. I know their odd tunings make it difficult and I'm trying to learn to transcribe myself but I am just not that experienced yet.

Is there a really good site for Coldplay tabs?

I'd love good acoustic versions of Warning Sign, Shiver and/or Swallowed in the Sea. (Wouldn't we all?)

Thanks in advance!


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Hi, use the search function, limit it to Easy Song Database and put in Coldplay.

there are 3 results I think Clocks is one.

there is the easy songs for beginners, "god put a smile on your face" also