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Eric Clapton - Holy...
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Eric Clapton - Holy Mother

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The gf and I had a movie night the other night, each choosing one movie. She got Charlottes Web. I got EC live in Hyde Park. Unfortunately, by the time Charlotte's Web was over, it was quite late and we were both very tired. Still put EC on though, wasn't missing out after sitting through that movie. Fell asleep about half way through, woke up to his final song, Holy Mother, which I'd never heard before, and fell in love with immediately. I have no idea why, it just struck a chord (or 4 ;) ) with me - and I had to learn it!

I found a nice version, and figured I should share it with you guys after getting so much from you all over the past year hiding in the background.

Chuck a capo on the 4th fret and off we go...

[G] Holy Mother, [C] where are [G] you?
Tonight I feel [D/F#] broken in [G] two.
[G] I've seen the stars fall [C] from the [G] sky.
Holy mother, can't [D/F#] keep from [G] crying.

[C] Oh I need your [G] help this time,
Get me through this [D/F#] lonely [G] night.
[C] Tell me please which [G] way to turn
To find myself a[D/F#]gain.

[G] Holy mother, [C] hear my [G] prayer,
Somehow I know [D/F#] you're still [G] there.
[G] Send me please some [C] peace of [G] mind;
Take a[D/F#]way this [G] pain.

I can't [C] wait, I can't [G] wait, I can't [Am] wait any [G] longer.
I can't [C] wait, I can't [G] wait, I can't wait for [D] you.

[G] Holy mother, [C] hear my [G] cry,
I've cursed your name a [D/F#] thousand [G] times.
[G] I've felt the anger running [C] through my [G] soul;
All I need is a [D/F#] hand to [G] hold.

[C] Oh I feel the [G] end has come,
No longer my [D/F#] legs will [G] run.
[C] You know I would [G] rather be
In your arms to[D/F#]night.

[G] When my hands no [C] longer [G] play,
My voice is still, I [D/F#] fade a[G]way.
[G] Holy mother, [C] then I'll [G] be
Lying in, [D/F#] safe within your [G] arms.

Solo on Verse Four Times

Timing is 4/4, two measures per line - so four beats for that first chord in the line, then two each for other two chords. Sounds great strummed, but if you want to be a bit more authentic, Brian Davies of has tabbed out the following picking pattern which sounds good and is easy to get, just remember that the melody comes through in the bass notes.

G C G Em D/F# G
(e) |-------3---------|-----------------|-------0---------|-----------------|
(B) |-------3---------|-----------------|-------0---0-----|-------------0---|
(G) |-------------0---|-----0---------0-|-------------0---|-----2-----0---0-|
(D) |-----0-------0---|--0h2--------0---|-----2---------2-|---0-------------|
(A) |---2-----------2-|-3---------2-----|---2-------------|-----------------|
(E) |-3---------------|-------3---------|-0---------------|-2-----3---------|
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4

I flatpick it, as it seems esaier that way, though im sure you could fingerpick it as well if that's your thing.

And if anyone's unsure, the D/F# is just a D chord with your thumb curled round on the second fret of the low E string :)

Hope you all enjoy, original tab i used is here

The performance I'm talking about:

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Thanks Basilisk,
Nice song to play along too combining arpegio and strumming...This is IMHO the best song to come from The August album.