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Hello to all!

Welcome to the "Easy Song Database" page. If you're unfamiliar with this project, it is a database of "easy" songs for beginners. Not full lessons. Just songs and chords. But the beauty of it is that Mark has gone out of his way to creat a page that allows you to search for these songs according to the chords you know.

You can check out the page here:

And check out the discussion that led to this page here:;action=display;num=1067190107;start=;action=display;num=1067479363;start=0#0

I wholeheartedly suggest you read these threads so that you understand what this is meant to be about.

To iterate the function of this page:

Help us put together and maintain this terrific project! Here you make suggestions and post lyrics and chords for songs to add to the data base, suggest strumming patterns and weigh in on the final submission before it gets posted to the ESD.

I'm sure that Mark doesn't want to do all this work himself. While suggestions are welcome, what would be really helpful would be to post lyrics and chords or at least links to such so that we can all work together to see that things are as correct as can be.

Posting of possible strumming patterns would also be very welcome.

Please remember that this is meant to be for beginners with a limited knowledge of chords. Just because something is easy for you doesn't mean that it is going to be easy for all. So if your suggestion is not used, do not take it personally.

Mark will have the final say on all submissions. Remember that he is one person trying to coordinate all of this and that it is going to take time to get it up and running the way he (and we) would like. The more people that can help with the process here on the boards, hopefully the easier it will be on Mark.

Once a song is posted to the Easy Song Database, the thread for it here will be deleted.

Any questions about any of this, feel free to post or write to Mark or myself directly.

Let's make this work!