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Wheat Kings - sp?
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Wheat Kings - sp?

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I'm still having trouble figuring out the strumming pattern to some songs. Listening to the bass line has helped me on some songs. Another problem I have is I can't hear where the chord changes are all the time. Any how can anyone help me with the strumming pattern and chord changes to wheat kings by The Hip.

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Sounds to me like a dud udu sort of strum. chords used sound like G and C. hope that helps. Sundown on the Paris of the prarie.

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J Rock,
I have not been able to figure out exactly what the strumming pattern is yet. I think it is somehow strummed in 1/16th notes, but have not seemed to get it down quite right yet. Just sounds off.
The chords are simply G and C for most of the song, but I do not believe that they are evenly spaced out. I think that the G is played for half a measure then the C for a measure and a half, or something like that.

So far I have soemthing like this:


Then repeat. But like I say, it just does not sound quite right to me.

Let me know if you come up with anything

And I am having trouble getting the sound of the loons at the beginning...

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Can anyone out there add some life to this song? I'm a dummy with figuring out strum paterns.

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So far I have soemthing like this:


I think this is close. haven't practised this song in a while. i think if you alternate between udu and say u..u
or u.du
or ud.u
or accent certain strums
I think the trick is to keep it fluid, play single notes and switch up the timing/rhythm of the strumming so it's not so mathematical/boring.

Here's how i play it

i find this sounds pretty good when you play the bass 2 or 3 strings for the first strum on each chord and play the remainder with the high strings. Or figure out how to play the runs in with it, which i don't know how to do...