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Best loop pedal to play guitar and sing through

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Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a loop pedal that I can have on my pedal board, that is predominantly a guitar looper, but has an input for a mic. Easy to start/stop loops is also a requirement, as well as no hissing. I'm a fussy one!

I don't want to take a small mixer with me to put both inputs in (already bogged down in equipment and it hisses when I've given this a go).

The Boss RC2 is pretty limited, and the Boss RC300 is too pricey and I'm sure it will affect guitar tone.

Any help would be great.

Many thanks
Jefferson Duke

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Well there's the cheaper Boss RC30 - has a lot of cool features including effects, the ability to drop in and out alternate loops.

I have digitech jam-man stereo but you have less control over the loops. I'd probably get the RC30 if I wanted to gig, the RC300 is ridiculously good though. It's also some serious money to spend.

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